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EAG European Advisory Group - Your global Task Force

EAG European Advisory Group, headquartered in Berlin, and with offices in Hongkong and Washington through strategic partnerships, offers unique and solution-oriented expertise to governments and companies in the field of security to plan and carry out their activities based on an assessment of a security situation, which gives them comfort and the possibility of risk evaluation both globally and regionally from a European perspective.

Globalization has brought new dimensions of security. Economic activities have become increasingly sensitive to different aspects of security, while security itself has diversified. Long gone are the days, when military security was the only aspect to be taken into account. While military aspects again play an increasingly important role, due to the disappearance of global deterrence, other aspects of security, such as human rights, economy, environment, poverty and transnational threats become more and more important. Especially transnational threats include a wide range of risks from environmental degradation to organized crime and terrorism. Threats such as terrorism have clear national and transnational security implications, others such as increasing pollution, scarce water resources, or aids have perhaps less explicit but still recognizable national and international security relevance. Not only governments have to cope with these threats. Also industry, economy and organizations like NATO, EU, UN and the OSCE will have to deal with transnational threats and counter global terrorism. To cope with transnational threats like terrorism and to safeguard collective security in the next decades will require a series of measures from blunt risk-analysis, civil defense, prevent diplomacy, coordinated intelligence to military means through concerted action between involved ministries on a national level as well as involved countries on a transnational level. Defense-related industries have always been sensitive to security considerations. Other industries, especially energy, water, information technology and infrastructure, are also obviously exposed to changes in the security situation. But investors and other actors of the economy are well advised to have an eye on the security situation of the country and region, where they carry out activities, since changes in the security situation may have devastating effect on profits and investments.

The recognition of this situation advanced all over the world. America here, too, plays the leading role. Accordingly, a number of security specialists are available for advice in the United States. EAG partners believe, however, that a European perspective is also necessary. While astute supporters of the transatlantic cooperation, EAG partners are convinced that Europe has a different, though not contradictory perspective, which is necessary to complement the American one in all parts of the world. EAG therefore closes a global market niche by offering advise to governments and companies and implement methods and measures all over the world in all aspects of security.

This European based global security-related task force brings together partners with unique experience and expertise and direct access to top political and industrial leaders of the world, with highest international political credibility and entrepreneurial standards. This high-caliber European group brings together former key European, American and Asian political and military leaders as well as business experts. EAG partners track record is proven in outstanding political, diplomatic, finance, banking and military activities, in successful political and military crisis-management, global entrepreneurial activities, business development and management skills with political and diplomatic credibility all over the world and under extremely difficult circumstances.

Due to its unique composition, EAG is highly trusted by political, military and economic leaders of the world and can not only offer reliable advise, but can also act as informal, highly confidential political and diplomatic task and crisis management force in special, extremely sensitive cases.

EAG offers services in the following areas all over the globe:

  • strategic defense reviews
  • solving security-related problems in the field of aerospace / defense aviation / transportation, and energy (gas / oil / water)
  • providing countries with an overview on state-of-the-art technology in anti-terrorism training and equipment covering both pro-active and reactive
  • defenses and a costumer-oriented objective assesment of the various equipment offer
  • focusing on MoD-eProcurement capability implementations, C4 ISR solutions, NCW/DBA methodology and homeland defense architecture
  • strategic analysis and political evaluation
  • conflict research/conflict resolution/confidence building measures
  • transnational threat analysis and counter-terror strategies
  • development and implementation of political strategies and, based on them, marketing strategies, including marketing plans and campaigns, to create the necessary access to markets and win business
  • informal diplomatic crisis management/defense-diplomacy
  • influencing political and industrial decision-making processes

EAG's clients are governments who seek for outstanding and confidential advise in political and military affairs, sub-state actors, like the German Bundesländer and the American States as well as other public sector players, and in the industries with increasing strategic sensitivity and importance in the 21st century in areas, such as defense and defense-related industries, aviation, transportation and energy (gas, oil, water).