Berlin - Hongkong - Washington

EAG European Advisory Group in Short

  • EAG fills a global market niche and is unique in its composition and scope

  • EAG focuses on solving security-related problems in the fields of aerospace / defense / aviation / transportation, and energy (gas / oil / water)

  • EAG's customers and target groups
    • governments (Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, South America, Russia, CIS, Middle East) and the public sector
    • multinational industrial clients
      • defense / aerospace
      • aviation / transportation
      • energy (gas, oil, water)

  • EAG's expertise
    • European based global security-related task force headquartered in Berlin with offices in Washington and Hongkong with direct access to top political and industrial leaders in over 50 countries all over the world, with the highest international political credibility and with the highest entrepreneurial skills
    • informal diplomatic crisis-management/defense diplomacy
    • defense reviews
    • strategic analysis/ political evaluation/ influencing political-industrial decision-making processes
    • development and implementation of political and marketing strategies/plans/campaigns to win contracts/programs for the involved industries/ governments/ public sector
    • unique capacity to access Europe's, United States' and Asia's senior military, political and industrial leadership
    • links with both US and European Institutions (EU, NATO, UN, IMF, World Bank)